Turtle Helpin’

Every once in a while, I find myself driving down a country road on a hot day. That’s usually where I end up finding some sort of tortoise-like creature meandering across the scorching pavement in pursuit of water, food, or lady-type companions. It’s always the polite thing to pullover and lend a hand with their crossing, so I do that. Most of the time they just pull their head and scaly appendages into their shells.


R. Robot and Mr. Snappy Turtle

Other times, the tortoise-like creature happens to be a Mr. Snappy Turtle and tries to bite and claw my hands off. That’s no reason not to help him get to his food, water, or lady-type companionship time. Mr. Snappy Turtle, you won’t stop me from helping turtle-kind when they need it.

Despite the hardened shell, turtles are still squishy when hit by a car.img_20170702_095123-e1499745345508.jpg